‘One of the biggest barriers to success an organisation can overcome is asking for help.’

Louise Shepherd, MD, Louise Shepherd Associates

Consultancy in its purest sense is about making organisations think differently. It’s about assessing the situation before diagnosing the issue and then delivering efficiencies and service improvements based on your unique requirements that will positively shape the future of your organisation.

At Louise Shepherd Associates, every element of what we do is based around understanding. Understanding what you do, how and why you do it and what the future looks like. This is especially important in a sector having to juggle political uncertainty and funding concerns (including, in some cases, dramatic cuts).

Once your strategic objectives are agreed internally, we will deliver programmes of events and workshops that will help you to achieve your goals.

We will work with your leaders and managers, your teams and individuals to translate your strategic objectives into meaningful operational plans that your staff and management can act on, not just in the short-term, but in the mid- to long-terms delivering efficiencies and service improvements, adding value and enabling and empowering you to do more.


The Benefits of Consultancy


Today’s economic climate has thrown up the types of challenges and organisational uncertainty not experienced before and we are being asked more and more to help organisations of all sizes and complexities. We help deliver change, improvements and efficiencies most recently helping organisations move away from traditional working practices to working in a remote and flexible way.  

We will listen to what you need and work with you to offer advice and clear methods of delivery on aspects including:


●  Helping new organisations to develop its structure and hierarchy

●  Delivering short-, mid- and long-term operational plans

●  Leadership and strategic development

●  Defining roles and responsibilities within an organisation

●  The appointments of senior managers and board-level directors

●  Developing and delivering an annual training programme

●  The preparation of high-level pitches, tenders and presentations

●  Redundancies, boardroom dynamics, organisational change and uncertainty


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