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‘Most dread Customer Services training. For years it’s been dull and patronising, but word has got around. Louise Shepherd Associates is London’s most sought-after training company, and for very good reason…’

Regardless of how good your products or services are, being able to consistently deliver customer service excellence can be the difference between success and failure.

Customer services is no longer simply about getting the customer off the phone with clichéd, scripted answers. With the advent of social media, what you thought you knew about how to deliver an effective and robust customer services provision is no longer relevant, no longer appropriate and no longer useful.

It’s now about taking responsibility. It’s about engagement, loyalty and trust. It’s about creating a sense of loyalty and it’s about turning disappointment into a positive experience. Above all, it’s about adding value to whatever it is you do

Why? Because as the demand for your services as well as the expectations of the people using them is increasing, the resources you need to meet this growing demand are decreasing.  This is where you will see the real benefits of using Louise Shepherd Associates.

We will develop the skills of your teams, we will instil a sense of pride and ingenuity and it’s all done in a consultative and collaborative style that has groups coming together to get the best results.


There’s Customer Service Training,


And Then There’s Louise Shepherd Customer Service Training…


Our Customer Service training is unlike anything you will ever have experienced. Put thoughts of a classroom of bored delegates to one side and leave them there.


“It was so realistic that at one point I actually thought an angry customer had found their way into the training room!” –

Sarah Castro, Head of Strategy, Poplar HARCA


Working alongside The Jon Harris Partnership, one of the industry’s leading and most respected business development practices, we bring in trained actors to give you a first-class, live learning experience. Watch this video to see how Louise and Jon work together. 

In a safe but invigorating environment, delegates are encouraged to bring their own experiences and ideas into play, and to see them acted out in front of their eyes. The results might surprise you…

We will give your staff the skills they need to:

  • Adopt consistent, highly professional methods needed to deal with upset customers
  • Respond positively on the phone and in writing, whether on social media or otherwise
  • Listen, consider what’s being said and offer the most appropriate solution
  • Identify ways in which value can be added to the customer experience
  • Build (or rebuild) trust and loyalty
  • Be assertive yet efficient and effective in dealing with enquiries to conclusion
  • Exceed the expectations of your customers


In tandem with interactive DVDs, expert-devised questionnaires and various other state-of-the-art training techniques, we will transform your customer services provision from a reactive response operation into a key performance driver of your business or organisation.


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