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‘The success of your business can be directly attributed to how well your management teams perform.’

Louise Shepherd, MD, Louise Shepherd Associates

Like the best teachers, the best managers stay long in the memory. They inspire, motivate and empower their teams to achieve their goals.

We understand there exists ‘natural born leaders’ but we also understand that good leaders can be created using effective management and leadership development training. Building management and leadership competencies in others requires a very particular skillset and we bring the required skills to life in an innovative, practical and exciting way.

We use a range of innovative training techniques to equip future managers and leaders with vital organisational proficiencies, to stimulate professional development and to improve confidence and communication skills. Skills include how to manage remote teams, give effective feedback and how to positively and proactively raise performance concerns.

We also work with managers looking to implement a culture change, for example to make their organisation more customer-focussed and we give them the required skillsets to implement the changes needed. We know from experience that an investment in management and leadership development training today has the potential to transform your organisation.

We use practical exercises, often with actors expert in forum theatre and individual scenarios, and we combine experiential learning with an inclusive environment that allows delegates to be open and receptive to new thoughts and ideas.

In addition, we have developed a series of innovative techniques for managers to extend their learning beyond the classroom and into practical environments.

We will encourage self-awareness, understanding their teams from an emotional as well as a professional standpoint, the development of a leadership style and the ability to make informed, intelligent decisions that will benefit the organisation.

The Benefits of Management & Leadership Development Training


There are lots of benefits to having great leaders and an effective management and leadership development training programme that delivers results. Benefits including increased employee engagement and motivation and improvements in services, efficiencies and problem solving.

We deliver personalised ‘in person’ and live online workshops and one-to-one sessions based on your organisational needs to support:

  • Increased productivity, morale and engagement
  • Confidence in conducting challenging conversations
  • Better teamwork and communication including across established teams and remote or dispersed teams
  • The ability to make clearer, informed and intelligent decisions
  • Providing a stronger strategic vision and organisational purpose
  • Making a positive impact on both organisational culture and the bottom line
  • More effective use of talent

We also deliver one-off courses to develop specific skills and programmes that develop all aspects of managerial skills including dealing with prickly issues such as appraisals, difficult conversations and disciplinary matters.

Recently we worked with City University to deliver their management development programmes, many of which are one-day workshops, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive –



‘All the modules were fantastic’


‘It was fun and engaging’

‘It made me think about the way I will work in the future’

‘I’ve learned skills I can use throughout my professional life’

I feel motivated’


The courses are designed to introduce the role of the manager and its responsibilities, to prepare and support staff operating as first-line managers for the first time and to provide new managers with the right framework, tools, techniques and skills to enable them to lead, manage and build effective and productive teams.

‘Louise has delivered a number of courses for new managers at the NSPCC. She has an engaging style which helps people feel relaxed and therefore able to learn more quickly, and makes the content of the training relevant to the everyday situations that managers face, rather than being a tour of the most common management theories and models. Feedback has been good and clearly shows that new managers come away feeling more confident and competent than before the training’


Head of Leadership & People Development, NSPCC

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