Team Development & Facilitation

‘Having teams that work in sync with each other is one of the most valuable tools you have in making change happen’
Louise Shepherd, MD, Louise Shepherd Associates

Today’s businesses and organisations are increasingly having to deliver customer, stakeholder or internal value through a complex network of interconnected teams and individuals and it’s getting harder and harder to stay focused, to make decisions and to stay on a strategic track.

Teams of all descriptions take time to gel, they take time to understand how each member operates and they take time to develop a formula for growth that works. Whether it’s office based or remote and dispersed teams the sooner that formula works the better for all involved. 

Whether the reason for two disparate teams coming together is because of a merger or cost-cutting, many will feel insecure, uncertain what the future may hold and even, on occasion, suspicious of the ‘others’.

At Louise Shepherd Associates, we work with teams at all stages of organisational hierarchy to break down the barriers of insecurity, uncertainty and suspicion. We will make them more cohesive, intuitive and dynamic by focusing on several important elements that leaders consider when they think about team development and facilitation:

  • How can we ensure everyone buys into the organisation’s goals and purpose?  
  • Are our teams going over and above because they genuinely want to?
  • How to ensure our teams respond and work together effectively when working remotely?
  • They work well but can I get them to work better and smarter?
  • During periods of change, can I rely on them to stay robust and strong?
  • Is there a collective belief that we can ride periods of uncertainty?
  • Are internal relationships creating barriers to the delivery of our services?

Dependent on how you need us to help you, we use a mix of inputs such as psychometric tools (MBTI), the bespoke design of workshops and programmes specific to the issues needed to be dealt with and the facilitation of events. By combining these elements, we ensure the net result is a sense of shared purpose, goals that are aligned throughout the organisation and teams that work better, smarter and with more focus and clarity.  

We run all types of team development programmes, from fun, high-energy excitement to thought-provoking sessions where we can get under the skin of your organisation and take a fresh, previously unexplored look and how your teams can improve.

The Benefits of Team Development & Facilitation

Team development is an organic process that improves over time as teams work and get to know each other but sometimes bottlenecks appear. If they’re not unblocked, issues can build up to point of explosion. That’s where Louise Shepherd Associates comes in and we will help you in:


  • Defining and clarifying strategy and reviewing strategic direction and priorities
  • Helping teams to plan and respond to organisational change
  • Improving personal and collective working relationships
  • Bringing disparate teams together, post-merger
  • Helping teams to recognise, manage and deal with stress
  • Improving internal and external customer service delivery
  • Designing and facilitating training courses for bonding, collaboration and understanding suitable for team ‘away days’ or live online delivery


‘Louise has a longstanding relationship with Imperial and has developed and run a range of successful programmes that focus on improving collaborative working and leadership.’
Steve Rathborn, Learning & Development Manager, Imperial College

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